AVIGDOR BEN SIMḤAH HA-LEVI OF GLOGAU (or Glogauer; pseudonym Alem; c. 1725–1810), teacher and author. In his youth he was one of the maskilim of moses mendelssohn 's circle in Berlin. He later (1768) moved to Prague where he wrote a short Hebrew grammar, Davar Tov, which he published together with the treatise Marpe Lashon by R. Moses b. Ḥaviv (Prague, 1783). Avigdor also published a collection of Mendelssohn's letters to him, Iggerot Remad (in two pamphlets, Vienna, 1792, 1797), in one of which Mendelssohn explains his purpose in translating the Pentateuch into German. The second volume also contains a selection of Avigdor's poems entitled Ḥotam Tokhnit. In 1802 he published Mendelssohn's Pentateuch with German translation, adding a preface. -ADD. BIBLIOGRAPHY: B. Nosek, in: Judaica Bohemiae, 25 (1989), 14–30; 26 (1990), 102–18; 27 (1991), 31–44; 30–31 (1996), 72–90.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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